Client Masterclasses

Client Masterclasses

As your trusted advisor we appreciate that at times our clients may need some support and guidance throughout their business journey, we would like to connect with your business on a deeper level so we can understand your challenges.  Therefore, we are really pleased to announce that we will be hosting The Thomas Quinn Masterclasses in association with Bright Business Advice.  

Bright Business Advice has over 25 years’ experience in Developing Businesses and their Leaders all while maintaining a focus on business performance and results. 

What are the Masterclasses?

Masterclass group
Over 25 years’ experience in Developing Businesses.

If you’re an ambitious business owner who wants to achieve rapid, sustainable growth and reach peak performance, the Masterclass is for you. The internet in revolutionising the way we do business with social media spreading into every home and business you’ll find:

  • Buying and decision-making habits are changing
  • Customer service demands, and expectations have never been higher
  • Staff expectations and company culture are now massively affecting staff retention rates, morale and recruitment.

By attending the Masterclass, we will address how to make the most of those changing times and business challenges that go with it to harness the opportunities they create for you in your business right now.

Over the six masterclasses sessions our experts will delve deep into every area of the proven tried and trusted 7-Sector Business Accelerator model that will help you significantly increase your business profits, free up your time, strengthen your team.

AND ...make this your best year yet!

During the sessions you will learn tools, techniques and models that will enable you to walk away with a ready-to-implement plan for structuring your business growth.
This session will give you the confidence and knowledge to increase your revenue, improve your efficiency, freeing up your valuable time so you can focus on the key things to drive forward your business and give you the time to create a better work life balance. 

Masterclass Description Date
Leadership & Management Systemise and organise to make effective use of your time and save thousands of pounds in unnecessary costs TBA
Finance Improve profitability to create a more solid and sustainable business TBA
Operations Provide outstanding customer service, to increase customer retention and generate more referral TBA
Human Resources Recruit, lead and motivate your staff to increase productivity and reduce staff turnover TBA
Marketing Implement smarter, lower cost marketing to attract more leads and customers without spending a fortune on advertising TBA
Sales Achieve Rapid Sales Growth: Discover strategies that will allow you to generate large amounts of revenue, through better conversion rates in a shorter space of time TBA