When business owners start to feel there is not enough time to finish or even start critical tasks then this can amount to severe stress and morale can take a dive. Trying to do too much can inevitably take over evenings and weekends and, before you know it, that quality time you used to have with friends and family can become a distant memory.

While you're burning the midnight oil it can feel as though you're saving costs and being efficient, while in reality you're probably becoming overwhelmed - not employing help where it's needed could be having a damaging impact upon your health, personal life and you're probably not realising the full potential of your business. 

Once you've found yourself in a firefighting position it can be hard to plan strategically and to put trust in a third party to understand what your business circumstances have become. Possibly concerned about the costs associated with employing an accountant, it might seem there's too big a mountain to climb, but rest assured - we've been here many times before. Working closely with a broad mix of customers in many markets requires adaptability and the need to ask the right questions.  

However complicated or ambitious your challenge ahead, pick up the phone and share your thoughts with Thomas Quinn. You might simply require some independent advice to begin with or we may recommend we offer our bookkeeping service or possibly payroll... whatever the outcome, we will be able to offer you a service with all your financial services in one place as your business grows and at a fixed monthly fee. We are sure that will help you move your business forward and you maybe even the chance to get your weekends back! 

Freetime inset image
Sometimes trying to balance work and home life can leave you feeling you're doing nothing very well.

Potential issues that might affect you

  • Getting a work/life balance
  • Preparing year-end accounts 
  • Company audit
  • Grant application audit 
  • Solicitors accounts rules audit 
  • Submissions to Companies House 
  • Unavailability of current accountant
  • Calculating payroll deductions (incl. tax & NI)
  • Help with auto-enrolling the workforce 
  • Incorrect PAYE codes and overpayment of tax 
  • Lack of knowledge in submitting to HMRC 

How we can figure it out

  • Listening to you and understanding your circumstances
  • Experience of preparing accounts for various industries and business sizes
  • Perform and meet requirements for all necessary audits
  • Provide reports for you and the Law Society
  • Undertake corporate secretarial services and ensure reporting obligations are met 
  • Our team can be accessed in numerous ways and are here to assist you 
  • Our team can assist you, using dedicated software 
  • Auto-enrolment scheme set-up and administration service 
  • PAYE code and tax position review to ensure correct tax rates 
  • Help with RTI compliancy and timely, professional HMRC submissions