As soon as a business starts to employ its own staff it will be responsible for the payment of all employees through a payroll system. 

If you're trying to run a business while struggling to do all this yourself, possibly feeling guilty about the time you're giving your family.

Need more time to concentrate on other areas of your business - or maybe your family?

Potential issues that might affect you

  • Calculating payroll deductions (incl. tax & NI)
  • Help with auto-enrolling the workforce 
  • Incorrect PAYE codes and overpayment of tax 
  • Lack of knowledge in submitting to HMRC 

How we can figure it out

  • Auto-enrolment scheme set-up and administration service 
  • PAYE code and tax position review to ensure correct tax rates 
  • Help with RTI compliancy and timely, professional HMRC submissions