Thomas Quinn
Thu, 04/08/2021 - 13:28.

Return of Expenses and Benefits in Kind for the year ended 5 April 2021

Under the PAYE regulations it is a requirement to submit form P11D for any director or employee of a business who has been provided with a benefit or to whom expenses have been reimbursed.


Reimbursed purely business-related expenses for business travel, business entertainment expenses, credit cards used for business purposes, fees and subscriptions, no longer need to be reported. It is important that clear records of such payments are kept along with receipts.


If you have received a notification from HMRC to complete forms P11D or you have provided benefits to employees which you think may need to be reported, please provide the relevant information for the tax year ended 5 April 2021:


  • Please review the general questionnaire to see if any benefits were provided for this year and provide any relevant information.


  • Please complete the car benefit schedule in respect of any company cars provided to employees/directors.


  • If you have received a notification from HMRC to complete forms P11D, please forward this to us.


If you are able, please scan and email all information to us. Otherwise please post it back to the office as soon as possible.


We appreciate that as a result of coronavirus that you may not have access to the information we need in order to complete the forms. However, the submission must reach HM Revenue & Customs by 6 July 2021 to avoid the possibility of a penalty charge.


If you are unable to access the information we need, please contact us immediately, so that we can discuss how to handle this.


No further reminders will be issued. It is your responsibility to provide all relevant information, so that we can complete any required forms on your behalf. Please let us have any relevant information no later than 4 June 2021, so that we can meet the filing deadline.


If you are unsure whether you are required to prepare and submit P11D forms please contact us to discuss. To also get a copy of the questionnaire and car benefit schedule please contact us. 

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